The food truck industry can be a demanding environment to work in. There are constant requirements that need to be balanced in a mobile food truck business, including food preparation, order assembly, customer interaction, and cleaning. It can become overwhelming to achieve balance here without the proper foundation. Our team, at APEX, can help you.

1. APEX knows your industry

With over 10 years’ experience in the mobile food industry, APEX has learned to grow with the industry changes and demands. We understand the challenges you will face and will work with you, as a team, to maximize your food truck profitability. This is done, with your vision at the forefront, to ensure your dream comes to life. At APEX, we’ve designed every type of food you can imagine, from Pizza to Ice Cream, from BBQ to Mexican, from Chinese to Burgers.  APEX understands the specific types of appliance brands and equipment layouts that different food industries need. We will design exactly what you want within your build, or work with you to provide a great match while ensuring your vehicle meets regulation codes within your area

2. Your interior layout = maximum productivity

The APEX team can’t stress enough how the interior layout of a food truck is KEY to defining its success. Designing an efficient assembly line is crucial. We see the most common problems with pre-designed trucks in a hectic work environment where employees are tripping over each other, running into each other, or just walking back and forth to perform tasks that should be side-by-side.  When a food truck or trailer is customized to match the needs of your specific business layout, it creates a smooth-flowing assembly line.

The APEX team understands your space. Our food trucks allow your employees to move freely. We supply larger, deeper sinks that can accommodate full-size pans, maximizing your capacity to work efficiently. As an option, we can provide racks, shelving, or any other piece of equipment to make your job easy. Watch the video below to hear from one of APEX’s happy customers.

3. Our custom food truck and trailer designs capture every little detail

During the quoting and evaluation process, our design team will spend 40 to 60 hours detailing your truck or trailer to your specific needs. The designs are created to define your company’s vision, to ensure a thoughtful layout while supporting your team with dependable industry knowledge.

It is difficult to understand the challenges that you will face in a mobile unit until you are operating in one. Working with a design team at the beginning, such as APEX, who understands this, can alleviate future hurdles often too late or expensive to fix once the build process has started. An experienced, knowledgeable team, offering to stand behind their work, is your best partner to get the job done right the first time.

Effective & Efficient  – That’s the APEX way.

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