Many brands use sampling tactics to create an experience around their brand. A custom sampling truck can be custom-built to fit the needs of a variety of products, including alcohol, food, or lifestyle brands.  Understanding how sampling trucks generate revenue can be a key element as you develop a brand marketing strategy.

Focus on the Metrics

Capturing benchmark metrics is an important component of monitoring progress, especially with marketing campaigns. While developing a marketing plan, integrate some key indicators that can be gathered on a monthly (or weekly) basis. We will get more in-depth with this below under the Analytics section.

Promotional traffic

Utilizing social media promotions not only drives traffic to your truck but also allows you to track marketing campaigns. For example, let’s envision your company is a new whiskey distillery trying to get your name (and product) out in front of people. You just landed a spot at a summer country music festival. An effective and free way to drive people to your sampling truck is by posting on social media streams, utilizing event social tags. For example, the concert series could have a hashtag of #NashvilleSummerNights19, so you can use that with all of your promotional posts.  You can also create a graphic (logo, picture of the food truck for recognition) with a QR code encouraging the concert goer to swing by your area for some free merchandise.

You can easily scan the QR code and offer some branded merchandise – hat, shirt, koozie, etc. – for participation. The QR code allows you to capture the exact number of visitors directly as a result of the social push. This is great for calculating your cost of the campaign (your promotional items, staff time promoting, etc.) compared to the number of visitors. That will create your Return on Investment (ROI).


Any business, whether brick and mortar or mobile, should incorporate analytics (both for the website and social sites) into your business model. There are useful ways to collect metrics available across many platforms. We are going to highlight a few through Google Analytics that can be extremely beneficial to you and your team as you set objectives and goals for brand recognition and growth.

User Behavior

How many new users visited your site – measure and track on a weekly and monthly basis. How does that compare with returning users?

What time of day or night are your visitors hitting the social sites and your website?

  • This can help you gain customer intelligence that will be beneficial in understanding the behaviors of your customers.

What are the most visited pages on your site?

  • Are the most visited pages easy to access or does the visitor have to sift through pages and pages of content?
  • Is your content on these pages being updated regularly?

What are the demographics for your visitors? 

Collect demographic information, including age, interests, gender, and household information. This can help with your messaging, specifically on the imagery and words used in your campaigns and graphics.

Using the whiskey example again, one would assume the target audience would be males, between the ages of 21 – 50. However, you should monitor the traffic around Father’s Day, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc. The traffic and demographics could shift more toward females, which should indicate you need to alter your messaging. Instead of focusing on the whiskey itself, you could focus on the experience and excitement your partner will encounter when opening the whiskey. These is two totally different audiences and messages.

Understanding the analytics can provide the information you need to strengthen your marketing strategies and ultimately generate greater revenue and ROI. There are many options when selecting the type of custom sampling truck you want to build because essentially the builder is key to your growth and success. APEX Specialty Vehicles is here to help you through the process. APEX focuses on the design and engineering phase of the build process so you can visually understand all aspects of your build. Are you ready to get started? Simply fill out APEX’s contact form and we’ll have a team member contact you soon!

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