Choosing between a food truck and a trailer is a difficult choice, but regardless of your decision, at APEX Specialty vehicles we are here to ensure that you’ll be satisfied with your decision either way. We’ve broken down some key benefits for each option to help you decide between a custom food truck and a food trailer.

Benefits of a custom food truck:

This is a big decision and we want to be your guide through the decision-making process. Choosing a food truck has a variety of benefits. At APEX Specialty Vehicles, we control everything in the process of helping you build a custom-designed truck from beginning to end.

  1. All-in-One Operation and Maneuverability – This is probably the biggest benefit of a food truck, as the kitchen and the vehicle is one complete unit.  A compact food truck is easier to maneuver in different or tight areas (both urban and rural) compared to a clunky, typically longer food trailer. You don’t have to worry about an inability to travel in cities, issues with backing a trailer, navigating around tight corners, or not having a vehicle to haul your kitchen.
  2. Breakdowns are Costly – While having your kitchen on wheels in one single unit has attractive benefits, it also has cons. If your truck breaks down, then your business operation comes to a halt until your truck is repaired. Therefore, Apex Specialty Vehicles always provides a 5-year warranty to help take care of emergency situations, no matter where you are located within the country.
  3. Serve Customers in More Locations –  A food truck is typically a little easier and faster to pack up and go to a variety of different events to serve more customers. A single unit makes it easy to service customers at multiple locations – pop up festivals, fairs, and catering events.
  4. Fewer Capital Requirements – A food truck does not require extra operational capital requirements. A trailer will require a truck with the ability to pull the food trailer from point A to point B.   
  5. Guaranteed Warranty – No matter where your truck is serving the community, Apex Specialty Vehicles provide a 5-year warranty.  Because we know an operational truck is the most important factor to any mobile food truck business, we are here to stand behind our products.

Benefits of a custom food trailer:

Our trailers are custom-built to each customer. While trailers tend to be more cumbersome to haul around, we can guarantee they’re still a superb decision.

  1. A more durable but more expensive option – Depending on the length and complexity of the build, food trailers can sometimes end up being more expensive options compared to food trucks.  At APEX Specialty Vehicles, we build all of our trailers from the ground up – including every inch of the framework, walls, axles, roof, and floor to ensure the trailer will last for many years to come.   So if your company is new to the mobile food concession industry, a food truck may be a better starting option.
  2. More time-saving space available – If the space available in a food truck is too limiting for the number of employees or the amount of prep area needed, a food trailer is a great option.  APEX can built a trailer to any length or width to help accommodate your company’s specific food preparation, employee, or space needs. In general, food trailers offer more storage space compared to trucks.  Also, in a trailer, you can have meat smoking in the back of a trailer while driving, which could be a huge time saver.
  3. A challenge for novice drivers – If you are relying on employees to travel from one location to the next, you need to be aware that food trailers can be difficult to drive in cities and/or tight spaces for inexperienced drivers.  However, once an employee has been trained, this shouldn’t be a long-term issue.
  4. Cheaper than brick and mortar – Trailers are ideal if you are wanting to park the trailer in one area, long-term, which would help to eliminate the costs and utilities of a brick and mortar building. Many successful mobile food businesses operate out of trailers and have a loyal customer base.
  5. Guaranteed Warranty – No matter where your trailer is parked, Apex Specialty Vehicles provide a 5-year warranty. Any problems that may arise we are here to stand behind our products.

Whether you’re deciding between purchasing a truck or a trailer – APEX is here to help. Schedule a tour with APEX today or request a quote to figure out how much your truck or trailer will cost.

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