Many professional arenas, stadiums, and venues are welcoming the food truck trend, and Kansas City is no different. The KC Royals Stadium embraces food trucks, and recently welcomed a Mexican-style food trailer for the successful KC-area business, Salty Iguana.  APEX Specialty Vehicles partnered with Salty Iguana to design, engineer, and fabricate the highest quality food trailer build in the nation. The expectation was to ensure a mobile food trailer could be built to the highest of standards and maintain the quality, craftsmanship, and superior finishes for the duration of being parked at Kauffman Stadium, for 5 years. APEX could provide all of the elements needed to ensure Salty Iguana’s success.

KC Royals Stadium Embraces Food Trucks

APEX Specialty Vehicles recently had an opportunity to partner with a KC restaurant, Salty Iguana, , and showcase our high-quality craftsmanship that will be on display at the KC Royals Stadium. APEX built the Salty Iguana trailer from the ground-up. Each element of the food trailer was built in APEX’s 50,000 sq.ft. the facility, along with the design and engineering. The engineering team at APEX utilizes 3D software to render the customer’s concept to ensure the specialty truck or trailer meets expectations, code, and can physically be built.

This project allowed the design and engineering team at APEX to raise the bar. The APEX team fabricated a three-hinged rear door and awning. This project was the first project that required more than a single 50 amp shore power hook-up. In addition, Salty Iguana will be utilizing the trailer to cook the food, while Aramark will be accepting payment for the transactions. This is truly a collaboration and synergy at its best.

Installation was completed at Kauffman Stadium in early May 2017 by the APEX crew. Stop by and check out the trailer while enjoying some Salty Iguana grub!

Are you considering a food truck? Are you an existing restaurant, ready to expand into the food truck realm for catering, events, and continuous revenue stream? Are you ready to talk with a designer?

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