Winter weather brings along colder temperatures, snow, and holiday cheer; but it also gives us a generous amount of flu germs. That brings up the age-old battle of… flu shot or no flu shot? Many insurance companies, health departments, and pharmaceutical companies are beginning to explore the use of mobile health units as a means to reach a larger audience and provide vaccinations and exams. What a better way for thousands and thousands of residents that wouldn’t typically get a flu shot or exam to have an opportunity to benefit from the investment of a mobile health truck? Let’s explore a specialty-built truck for the Kansas City Health Department.

Project Spotlight: Mobile Exam Truck Helps Fight the Flu

The city of Kansas City selected APEX as the Specialty Builder for Health Department Mobile Exam Unit, which is a Multi-Configurable Custom Mobile Clinic & Command Center.  The custom mobile clinic will serve hundreds and hundreds of residents in the Kansas City’s Northland area.Mobile Exam Truck Helps Fight the Flu

The custom-designed and built truck will be representing several Kansas city public departments and supporting the Health Departments’ initiatives to gain exposure in the Kansas City area and provide immunizations and basic healthcare needs. This truck is multi-functional with the ability to serve as a centralized command center during times of disaster or immediate assistance.

APEX and KC Health Department partnered on this project with a keen focus on the design and engineering of this unit, ensuring the vision was implemented correctly. Once the design and engineering were approved, the fabrication process began in APEX’s 50,000 sq. ft. facility located outside of Kansas City, Missouri. APEX has been building food trucks and trailers in the Kansas City area for nearly nine years. The CEO, Brad Carlson, began his venture in college and continued to push the envelope to make the APEX standard one that has never been set by other builders. “Our team takes pride in producing top-quality solutions that defy expectations and go beyond the norm. Innovation is in our blood. APEX has an undeniable recipe that allows our team of creative geniuses to thrive in a process-focused environment that drives the most spectacular craftsmanship in our industry. Our team loves what they do and it shows—from the first phone call to final delivery of your masterpiece,” stated Brad Carlson.

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