Sweet treats deserved in a non-traditional storefront! Let’s explore different ways to serve desserts – specifically in a mobile trailer! APEX Specialty Vehicles recently completed a custom trailer, Lindy Lu’s Sweets & Bakery.

Lindy Lu’s Sweets & Bakery wanted to build a mobile dessert trailer that serves the Branson, Missouri area with specialty coffees, cocoas, fresh baked cookies, and ice cream.

The Lindy Lu’s Sweets & Bakery trailer was designed, engineered, and built in-house from the ground-up by APEX Specialty Vehicles. Lindy Lu’s is the go-to stop for specialty coffee, bakery goods, pastries, crepes, deep-fried sweet treats, frozen desserts, & hand-dipped ice cream in the Branson, Missouri area.

This trailer joins her siblings, Big D’s BBQ trailer and the Parlor 76 Pizza trailer, which were also designed and built by APEX. All three of the custom trailers will set-up at Branson’s first and only authorized Food Truck Dining Park located inside Bigfoot on the Strip.

Each trailer that is built by APEX is high-end and carries the longest and strongest warranty in the industry. The APEX warranty is five years, which is more than 10X any other builder.

APEX began the Lindy Lu’s trailer project with a focus on the design and engineering, to ensure the vision was implemented correctly. Once the design and engineering were approved by the customer, the fabrication process began in APEX’s 50,000 sq. ft. facility located outside of Kansas City, Missouri.

The full branded graphics package was printed and applied by APEX. This pretty little lady will definitely draw a crowd with the vibrant graphics and delicious smell of baked treats!

This unique project offered an opportunity for all facets of APEX’s production process to push the envelope, from business development, design, and engineering to production and fabrication. The specialty dessert trailer incorporates many features that are unique to custom builds and show the functionality a food trailer can offer.

About APEX Specialty Vehicles
We are the premier fabricator for food trucks, experiential vehicles, and specialty projects. Focusing on design, innovation, and product endurance, APEX has provided exceptional quality over the past ten years in business, providing over 700 brands and restaurant owners a superior build averaging 98% success rate years after completion. APEX houses a state-of-the-art facility of over 50,000 square feet with an in-house design and engineer team, project managers, and certified fabricators installed the highest quality equipment.

Quality is king, and APEX is committed to providing the highest quality process, product, and post-service.

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, APEX integrates continuous improvement into their business model and works to achieve the best possible product for our customers.

In addition to providing an exceptionally built custom vehicle, APEX backs our fabrication with an unmatched 5-year warranty. APEX supports and facilitates the repair process for any warranty/craftsmanship issues, no matter where in the country the truck is located.

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