Running a mobile business means that you will need a mobile power source. This is where a generator comes into play.

There are different sizes of generators, and you need to know what size of generator you will need to properly run your truck. There are several factors you need to consider when you are deciding what generator to purchase. The amount of watts you’ll be using leads you to the size of the generator you will need to purchase for your food truck. Equipment like microwaves, refrigerators, freezers, warmers, and anything else that will need electricity to run will use the generator. Equipment like ovens, griddles, fryers, and charbroilers will use gas. Those will not reflect the size of the generator you purchase.

Although you can guess on the size of the generator you will need based on your equipment, guessing is not a good option. Many people get the wrong size generator and it causes them many problems and a lot of money when they have to fix the issue. If you buy a generator that is too small you will constantly be tripping breakers. If you buy too large of a generator you will waste a lot of money that you could have saved or spent on a different part of the food truck. Find a good company that has the proper technology to calculate the proper size of the generator for your truck.

Here at APEX, we calculate the size you’ll need based on a list you develop of all the equipment that needs electricity in your truck. Once we calculate the number of watts you will be using, we add a 10 percent overage to ensure your generator will work for your needs. We also recommend using liquid propane whenever it is possible to save electrical power. Having a reliable company like we find the generator size you’ll need will ensure you do not spend too much on your generator and you’ll have the proper size for all your equipment.

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