APEX is renowned as the first specialty builder to offer a pre-built series of pre-designed and pre-engineered food truck units! APEX designed these pre-built units based on previous popular food trucks we built. Being in the industry for over 13 years, we understand customers want their food trucks quick! Although our specialty custom builds take some time in design and production, these pre-built units are ideal for someone needing to get on the road fast.

The specialty pre-built units are built with the same high-quality and attention to detail as our custom builds, so although you will get your build quick you aren’t sacrificing the quality of your build. Using our previous builds as layouts for these pre-built units, we were able to integrate the best features into each build. Our pre-built food trucks will be the best quality in the industry and enhance your new business! Our pre-built food trucks are fit for a variety of segments in the food truck industry. We wanted to have a food truck that could fit anyone’s needs and truly amaze your customers.

Currently, we have 8 pre-built units available! In the beginning, we had 9 food trucks that were ready to go, but we recently sold our pre-built Taco Truck. Each unit can have modifications made to better fit your needs and you can have APEX paint or wrap your new food truck to better match your brand.

Pre-Built Food Trucks
• 1 Custom Concession Truck
• 2 Pizza Trucks
• 1 BBQ Truck
• 1 BBQ Trailer
• 1 Custom Beverage Truck
• 1 Dessert Trailer

Learn more about the specs of these builds https://www.apexspecialtyvehicles.com/specialty-units/ and let us know which food truck you want!

If your needs are beyond the pre-built units, APEX offers a custom series for projects that go outside the box and truly amaze your customers. We stand by our craftsmanship by offering an unmatched 5-year warranty on every unit that leaves our facility, the most extensive in the industry. APEX understands the importance of being heard and understood while making one of the largest investments in your business, that’s why the APEX experience incorporates 3D models and custom design meetings to encourage clarity and transparency on the design and build process.

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