Running a restaurant can be difficult, no matter if it is mobile or traditional. Issues will arise in the restaurant industry, but there are ways to quickly solve these problems when they happen. It is crucial to figure out why the problem is occurring. It is important to clarify the problem to better understand how to fix it. There are three questions to help clarify any problem:

Ask yourself, “Is it a people, process, or tool problem?”. This will allow you to better identify your issue and help you find a solution.

People Problems
Is the team having a hard time maintaining the throughput? As a business owner, calculate the food and labor costs required to make the products. More sales will cover the cost of food and labor. Dividing the sales by the cost of creating the food creates throughput.

Having a well-maintained throughput means your sales can cover the labor and food costs for the day. If the throughput is uneven one way or another, then there are either too many employees or too few. The throughput is a great way to schedule labor hours and help determine food volume needed daily. To ensure a profit, use marketing and deals, such as coupons, to bring in more sales. More sales mean a higher throughput.

Process Problems
The process means procedure or training. If there is an issue in this area, it could look like a procedure is too time-consuming or the team needs more training. Train all employees to work quickly and efficiently. Have a training process in place to ensure all employees are trained the same.

Tool Problems
Tools refer to the things employees need to do the job well and efficiently. If the employees do not have to right tools or if they are not maintained properly, food cannot be prepared quickly and efficiently. For example, if the knives are not sharp, prepping will take longer. If an automatic slicer is broken, they will spend more time cutting by hand. The longer it takes to make the food, the fewer sales you will have. If the employees are not familiar with how a tool works, train them on how to use it properly and safely.

We hope these tips help you with your food truck!

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