When dozens of food trucks are lined up at a large festival, you definitely want your food truck to stand out and attract customers. That is a make or break in the food truck industry! Check out this article for some recommendations on Specialty Food Truck Add-Ons for Creating that WOW Factor. 

Experienced and high-end specialty food truck fabricators, APEX Specialty Vehicles, employ an in-house design and engineering team that can assist with determining the best add-on options for your specific build. It is imperative to partner with a knowledgeable and experienced fabrication team that offers the correct design suggestions. One main component of specialty food truck add-ons is ensuring your layout is functional, operational, the weight limit is in check, and the generator can support the electrical needs.

Custom Lighting Options

From LEDs to signage and displays, custom lighting can make a world of difference in the aesthetics of a custom food truck.   The natural lighting provided by the serving windows is a factor to consider when determining the required amount of additional lighting. In the below example of two APEX Specialty Vehicles custom builds, you can see the difference in lighting options.  

The interior of the food truck can hold ample lighting for functionality during the day, but because some events are held in the evening, exterior food truck lighting should also be considered. The cool part about LEDs is that they can be purchased in a variety of colors, so you can create brand uniformity with the lighting.

Will you have outside signage? Should you purchase an LED menu?

  • Menu and Display Signage is an effective way to draw attention to your food truck. If visitors can easily see the menu options in an appealing and inviting way, it will draw in business.

Would illuminated LEDs around the serving window and exterior edge of the truck draw people to you?

  • Illuminated LEDs using on the exterior of the truck, surrounding the serving windows and the menu options. LEDs can be purchased in a variety of vibrant colors, so streamlining the light color with your graphics can make your truck stand out.


Awnings come in all shapes and sizes – hydraulic and at the push of a button.  Food trucks typically have a standard awning above the serving windows, which is standard in the APEX Specialty Vehicles food truck builds. Below shows two custom food trucks that APEX built with different awnings. As you can tell, the build on the right, the NPR project, has a much larger awning and stage build-out. This required much more engineering and design time. You should be cognizant of your options for awnings and ensure the builder has a well-informed engineering and design team. The team will need to complete the proper testing on the awnings for wind resistance and weight restrictions.

Exterior Graphics

A picture is worth a thousand words… or within the food truck world, a graphic wrap on your food truck is capable of attracting new customers and increasing sales. People love the visibility, vibrancy, and tastefulness of a custom paint and graphics job that is done correctly. APEX has an in-house paint booth that is capable of mixing and applying any color, along with your full graphics package. This is a crucial difference between drab and fab!


APEX Specialty Vehicles typically utilizes a 12kW Cummins Onan generator on their standard food truck build. This is not a standard for all food truck builders, so be sure you do your homework so you can compare apples to apples.   Generators can be very costly, so it’s imperative you know the base size that is included in your food truck build. The add-on options for generators can be adjusted for your electrical needs.

As an example, in this particular application below that APEX completed, a 60kW generator (John Deere Diesel) was needed to power the interior components of the food truck. Weighing nearly a ton, the massive amount of power this generator produces was a welcomed challenge for APEX’s design and engineering team. The design team had to essentially build the food truck around the enormity of the generator.

As you can tell, this article only mentions a few of the many add-ons available for specialty food trucks. If you’d like to discuss more options, including flooring, storage compartments, or bump-out walls, APEX’s design and engineering team would be happy to discuss options with you. Give us a call at 800-259-4804

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