Have you always wanted a food truck or a mobile business? If you wanted a truck over the past summer, but never initiated the process now is the time to start. A food truck can take time to build and there several factors you need to consider when you start your journey of building your mobile business.


We say this often at APEX Specialty Vehicles: Not all builders are the same! Our builds start at $100,000— there is a reason for this! Even though a different builder may tell you it will be cheaper, you need to consider every aspect before going the cheaper route. Going the cheaper route will cause you more issues and possibly more money in the long-run. There are tons of pop-up builders that will quote your truck at a cheaper price, but down the road, you will run into problems. A common issue we see is the manufacturing time is not what was estimated in the quote. You don’t want to choose a cheaper route thinking you will save money and then not have your build for over a year or more. That is just one of several issues we hear about.


Are you wanting a food truck for next summer? Start the building process now to ensure you have plenty of time to get your truck built and learn everything you need to know for running your new business smoothly. Although the build may not take nine months, at APEX we build trucks on a first-in-first-out basis. This is a popular time of year for food trucks to be built, and the closer to summer we get the more builds we have in the shop. If you start the process now there is a good chance you will get your build a few months before summer. That will allow you to test how you want to run your business for the summer and to figure out what all you need to do for your business with your truck.

We’re here to help

Our engineers help you know what you need in your truck… but we cannot do that if you don’t 100% know what you will be doing in your truck. Is it a food truck? A merchandise truck? A retail store? You need to know and plan exactly what your goals are for the truck. There is a lot of equipment that goes into a truck, and it is better to know as soon as you start planning your build with the engineers that you will need in your truck. From freezers to stoves you will want to know in the beginning what is needed for your truck. This will make the quote more accurate and quicker. Changes during the build will cause there to be a delay in manufacturing and possibly make the build cost more for additional equipment.

Let’s go!

Starting the process of building your truck early will only make it easier and less stressful for you. We want you to have a great experience through your building process and want to help you as much as we can! Call us today to start your truck!

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