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Thank you for contacting APEX Specialty Vehicles!

We’ve received your message. A representative will respond shortly.

Here’s what happens next:

  1. One of our consultants will be in touch to get some additional clarity on your project vision
  2. We’ll discuss all of the elements of your specialty build that are important to you, and share with you how APEX’s process and people result in the highest-quality custom trucks and trailers
  3. Beyond our first conversation, we can either prepare a quick quote — a simple estimate of how much your specialty build may cost – or we can move forward into a full design and engineering process, where your vision comes to life in 3D renderings and with a fully complete quote
  4. At APEX, we are a quality-driven organization. New truck prices range from $60,000 to $70,000, with customizations (interior and exterior build-outs, generator and electrical installation, plumbing, and equipment installation) starting around $120,000.

This truck or trailer IS your business, or at least an extension of it. We’d no more recommend a cheap custom truck than we would a run-down brick-and-mortar location. Quality matters, and our customers have always appreciated the exceptional craftsmanship and materials we put into each build, not to mention our industry-leading five-year warranty.

We look forward to hearing more about your vision and sharing ours with you. Thank you again for your interest!