Designing a Custom Mobile Food Truckprocess is extremely thorough, detailed and process-driven, and invests in the upfront design and engineering hours to ensure the following:

  • Our customers visually see (in a 3D environment) the floor plan and understand the equipment they are receiving
  • Evaluate the project for any build flaws prior to the actual build process
  • Make changes to the layout or equipment, prior to the build process beginning (resulting in fewer change orders)
  • Provide customers with a detailed pricing proposal for an educated decision

Let’s get started!

APEX focuses on the upfront design of each project, creating a fluid and executable build process. We are one of the only specialty builders that staffs five full-time design engineers. Our focus is on the upfront design and engineering of each project, eliminating any inconsistencies before the build process begins. Let’s compare specialty vehicle builds to homebuilding. As a homeowner, you would never build a home with only a simple floor plan and a basic quote given to you by the builder.

Think of APEX as the architect for your mobile custom build, merging the design and engineering portions of the equation into a 3D environment to provide quality design, the scope of work, equipment list, and pricing proposal. We spend an extensive amount of time designing each project in 3D, which addresses many of the issues before the build begins, ensuring your unit is still on schedule for completion on your due date! When you build with APEX, there will be no unexpected delays… bottom line. Each project we build has 80+ hours of design and engineering, and 20+ hours of procurement and equipment management invested before even hitting the production floor!

How do we do this?
APEX has changed the specialty build culture from on-the-fly job shop mentality to forward-thinking design and engineering-focused. Here are a few of the ways we’ve done so within the design process:

  • Five engineers on staff
  • Quote 5-10 fully engineered builds each week
  • 3D renderings and floor plans

Building a mobile custom truck or trailer is similar to building a home. You wouldn’t begin building your home without an accurate floor plan and pricing, correct? This is no different. APEX is the architect for your custom project vision, ensuring the unit is built using the highest quality products and finishes within a mobile environment. Our experience paired with our in-house design and engineering department flawlessly brings your vision to fruition.

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