How many times have we heard… “it’s all in the details?” This is even more prevalent in the food truck industry because the competition is at an all-time high and people form a judgment on your mobile food truck within seconds of seeing it. Let’s explore What Details Matter When Designing a Food Truck to gain a better understanding of what to focus on during the design and build process.

What Details Matter When Designing a Food Truck

Design in 3D
APEX is a design and builds firm, meaning our process is driven to support our customers with the elements needed to make an informed business decision, including producing technical food truck 3D designs. These include 3D renderings, floorplans, detailed equipment lists, and scope of work.

Let’s look at a mobile ice cream truck!
Working with businesses in the ice cream servicing industry has taught us the essential business decisions that can make or break a company’s profitability. From knowing which are the best appliance brands for ice cream trailers to making suggestions about an eye-catching exterior design; we’ve worked with clients in the ice cream service industry across the country. We’ve heard success and failure stories from other customers. Let us share that knowledge so that your custom ice cream trailer is sure to be another success story.

As a successful restaurant or brand group, you and your employees are busy, and building an ice cream trailer is a time-consuming process. While you’re running your business, APEX will take care of ALL essential aspects of a custom ice cream trailer build – not only will we create the design; we will help select interior appliances, assist with exterior designs and wraps, work with the shipping company, and work with a great financing company. Do you need more guidance? Our expert designers and engineers will help you talk through any burning questions.

The food truck industry can be a demanding environment to work in. There are constant requirements that need to be balanced in a mobile food truck business, including food preparation, order assembly, customer interaction, and cleaning. It can become overwhelming to achieve balance here without the proper foundation. Our team, at APEX, can help you. outlines some key elements you’ll need to include in your food truck kitchen blueprint:

• Durable, non-slip, inflammable floors like commercial grade laminate or vinyl
• Proper ventilation in the form of a hood fan and roof vent, with additional windows, if you can swing it
• Room for staff to move around freely while carrying hot pots and pans
• Easy access to inventory and ease of transition between workstations
• Emergency exits

When exploring What Details Matter When Designing a Food Truck, don’t forget the generator! An element of a successful food truck business is crucial and often overlooked is generator power. Although the thought of powering your food truck doesn’t seem to be the most exciting aspect of the design and build process, it is in fact one of the most important decisions you’ll make. APEX is the national go-to designer, engineer, and fabricator for the top national restaurants, brands, and entrepreneurs. The aspect that sets APEX apart from the others is the process of ensuring your food truck is designed and engineered properly. This article will provide you with The 411 on Generator Power for Food Trucks to put you ahead of the game (and your competitors) and keep you on the road generating profits!

While establishing your business plan, some food truck owners are under the impression that getting the least expensive generator will save some bucks upfront, and won’t have much of a difference. Besides, why invest in something nobody sees? Wrong. Although many festivals, events, and catering gigs offer onsite power, many will not. This means you will rely on your own power supply (generator) to run your food truck the entire duration of the event. Nothing seems to plummet your food truck business as quickly as not having the correct sized generator to operate your business! Without power, it’s obvious that you will not be operating. No operation = no revenue.

When reviewing What Details Matter When Designing a Food Truck, lean on the experts at APEX to design, engineer, and fabricate your specialty food truck. Are you ready to get started? Simply fill out the contact form now!